soggy sandals island bbq sauces marinades
soggy sandals rum marinades bbq grilling sauces

When I was 12 years old my parents went on vacation to St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands and never came home. My grandmother packed my brother and me up and shipped us off to join them in the islands. My parents opened a gift shop and my brother and I started our lobster diving business selling the lobsters we caught door to door.

So you can see the islands are in my blood. My favorite thing in life is finding the smallest hole in the wall island grille. It can consist of a Tiki Hut, fresh, local seafood smoking on a homemade grill, and last but not least a rum punch in hand.

I love to cook and am a barbeque nut. I've participated on a competition BBQ team and am a certified Memphis and Kansas City Barbeque judge. So I created my sauces from the inspiration of a tropical Caribbean Beach of pure white sand, brilliant turquoise waters and the aroma of native wood smoke searing meats and seafood on the grill.

Soggy Sandals™ Island Marinade & Grilling Sauces are made of the freshest, all natural ingredients including fruits and delicious Dark Rum. These grilling & marinade sauces are great on all seafood, meats and chicken.

In fact, my wife married me because I was a man who could cook and grill the best steak she ever had! We even married in the islands on St. Lucia.

I hope you'll give my sauces a try and they are nothing like you've ever had! So get a little "soggy" with a beverage of choice and start smoking & grilling!

  soggy sandals grilling sauces marinades
Enjoying time in the islands and visiting with Nature Boy.
soggy sandals grilling bbq sauces
Get Soggy & Sauced!

soggy sandals grilling sauces marinades

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